Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone

Improve your recording quality and enjoy greater versatility with the ECM-W2BT, a wireless microphone setup that's ideally suited to vlogs. Count on clear, stress-free audio pickup without worrying about ambient noise or microphone orientation, thanks to the wireless configuration and omnidirectional design, optimized to pick up human voices from any angle.
Wireless Microphone

High-quality sound

The ECM-W2BT features an internal microphone capsule that picks up sounds cleanly and clearly to deliver a high-quality audio stream. The microphone is also effective at suppressing extraneous noise.

Pick up sound from any direction

The omnidirectional microphone picks up sound from all directions. Use the clip to place the microphone near the speaker's mouth, without worrying about which direction it's facing.

Clear, cable-free digital transmission

When the ECM-W2BT is used with the compatible camera that supports a Digital Audio Interface, the sound picked up by the receiver is transmitted via a digital signal, enabling low-noise cable-free recording.

Easily compensate for extra-loud or extra-quiet sound

The unit's sophisticated attenuator function allows you to record loud audio sources at a lower volume or amplify quieter sounds, so you can easily optimize recording levels depending on the circumstances.

Clean sound even in windy conditions

The windscreen that's included with the ECM-W2BT effectively reduces wind noise as well as excessive breath noise. This means you can record clear, stable sound even when shooting outdoors on windy days.

High-quality audio transmission from microphone to receiver

The audio stream is transmitted between microphone and receiver using Qualcomm® aptX Low Latency1 Bluetooth® codec, to provide low latency and prevent loss of sound quality during transmission.  [1] Qualcomm® aptX Low Latency1.

Stable, uninterrupted audio recording

Stable wireless performance provides solid connectivity and greatly reduces the risk of interruption to the audio stream, even in crowded settings with a lot of wireless activity.  [1] Up to 600 ft (200 m) in locations with good visibility.

Long battery life for extended shooting sessions

Record wirelessly for up to nine hours2 when using the ECM-W2BT with a camera that supports power supply via Multi Interface (MI) Shoe. With compatible cameras, the microphone unit's battery supports nine hours of use, and the receiver unit can operate for over nine hours2. Battery life of the receiver will be up to three hours2 of use when pairing with cameras that do not support power supply via the Multi Interface Shoe. For compatible cameras, please refer to the link below.

Designed to reduce dust and moisture3

With its moisture- and dust-resistant design3, the ECM-W2BT is ready for comfortable use in any environment. The ECM-W2BT incorporates weather-sealed seams and port covers for reliable, interruption-free operation outdoors.

Convenient MIX mode for two-person shoots

The ECM-W2BT can easily be used to record the voices of two people-the camera operator and the subject-at the same time. With microphones built into both the transmitter and receiver units, the ECM-W2BT is perfect for quick single-operator recording. The audio sources can be mixed and recorded together using the MIX mode.

Ready for multi-person shoots

Use the provided connector protect holder as a microphone stand, setting the mic in a central position. The omnidirectional microphone will capture audio from all participants when you are shooting a group of people.

Flexibility from expandability

The microphone is easily expandable via the 3.5-mm stereo mini-jack on the transmitter to give you a clearer, more realistic audio track. You can capture clean stereo sound to make your vlog more flexible even more impressive when you attach the ECM-LV1 lavalier microphone (sold separately) to the transmitter unit.

Usability with a wide range of devices

An extensive range of cameras4 and other devices can be connected to the receiver portion of the ECM-W2BT. Equipment such as PCs and digital voice recorders5 that support audio input but don't have a Multi Interface Shoe can be connected via the 3.5-mm stereo mini-jack output port on the receiver unit.

The ideal partner for the ECM-LV1

Pairing the ECM-LV1 with the ECM-W2BT is an excellent way to take advantage of the ECM-W2BT's benefits. The super-compact ECM-LV1 can be easily and unnoticeably attached to your subject's clothing, capturing up-close stereo audio that's then transmitted over the long-distance wireless range available to the ECM-W2BT.

Compact, lightweight design for superior mobility

The compact size of the ECM-W2BT is perfect for when you're shooting outdoors or on location. At just 1.0 oz (27 grams) for the microphone (transmitter) unit and 1.0 oz (28 grams) for the receiver, it won't weigh you down during a shoot.

Stress-free shooting with a cableless setup

The ECM-W2BT will free you from worrying about accidental disconnections, handling noise and cable clutter. With the convenient audio and power interface provided by Sony cameras with an MI Shoe, you can enjoy the advantages of a cable-free setup. You can also benefit from improved sound quality through use of the Digital Audio Interface (available on compatible cameras) ensuring pristine digital sound quality.

Easy switching between audio pickup modes

A single switch on the receiver makes it easy to select the pickup mode needed for your shoot. There are three pickup modes to choose from: capturing audio from the microphone only; the receiver only; or a mix of both microphone and receiver.

Safeguards to prevent recording failures

To avoid accidental interruptions during audio recording, the ECM-W2BT is equipped with display lamps that confirm successful operation. The LINK lamp indicates the status of transmission between the microphone and the receiver, and the POWER lamp warns when the remaining battery charge is getting low.

Connector protect holder designed for portability

The ECM-W2BT comes with a connector protect holder that's convenient for carrying the receiver and microphone snugly together. The connector protect holder also doubles as a microphone stand, making it possible to stably set up the microphone when you're using the receiver and microphone paired together as one unit.