Stereo Lavalier Microphone

Stereo Lavalier Microphone

The ECM-LV1 is a versatile lavalier microphone that can be connected to a variety of different devices and used in a wide range of situations. With its compact and unobtrusive design, it can be placed close to the speaker's mouth to deliver high-quality audio recording.
Stereo Lavalier Microphone

Clear, wide pickup and stereo sound

Thanks to the omnidirectional configuration of the unit's mic capsules, the microphone picks up sound from all directions, so you don't have to worry about which way it's pointed. It's designed to be placed close to the speaker's mouth, providing a clear, high-quality stereo audio recording.

Versatility, with wide compatibility

The ECM-LV1 can be used with a number of electronic devices other than cameras and camcorders. PCs that are fitted with a 0.14 " stereo mini-jack can be easily connected, as can digital voice recorders.

360-degree rotatable clip for attachment at any angle

For greater flexibility and convenience, the 360-degree rotatable clip allows microphone attachment in a variety of different orientations. For example, the clip can be attached horizontally on a necktie or vertically in a shirt or jacket pocket, making it adaptable to any type of clothing.

Compact and unobtrusive design

The plain, black-colored miniature microphone is designed to be inconspicuous when it's attached to clothing. It's compact and easy to carry, measuring just 1.26 " in length and 0.43 " in diameter.

Wind screen to minimize wind noise during outdoor shooting

The supplied wind screen helps reduce noise from wind and breathing sounds. Even when shooting outdoors on a windy day you can rely on a clean audio recording.

Battery-free recording

The ECM-LV1's plug-in power capability allows it to operate without battery power. When used with devices that supply plug-in power, the unit can run on power provided by the microphone connector.