TeraStation 5010 Series

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Most Secure Data Storage

Data security is essential. TeraStation 5010 offers electronic and physical security options. Additional data security features include:
  • Closed system helps prevent 3rd-party cyber attacks
  • AES 256-bit drive encryption including drive recognition technology ensuring drives cannot be accessed from any system other than your TeraStation
  • Encrypted data replication
  • Secure setup allows for local network access only, internet not required
  • Boot authentication prevents booting of a stolen device
  • Front panel lock preventing drive theft
  • Kensington Security Slot allowing the TeraStation to be physically tethered to a fixed location

Buffalo's Remote Management Service

Save time and resources by accessing these devices from a single console with Buffalo’s free Remote Management Service.

TeraStation 5010 Series

Truly a Ready NAS, this devices comes with Hard Drives Included, allowing for a plug-and-play experience. TeraStation 5010 models are the perfect entry point to 10GbE storage. The TS5010 series is designed to run multiple concurrent services seamlessly and is ideal for organizations looking to add affordable virtualized storage to their business network. The TeraStation 5010 features native 10GbE support with capacities ranging from 4TB to 96TB, and TS5010 also supports legacy 2.5 and 5GbE network infrastructure.
TeraStation 5010 Series
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Save Server Space with iSCSI Server Expansion

TeraStation 5010 is an excellent iSCSI target for businesses needing additional network storage.  Used as an iSCSI target for virtualized systems TeraStation 5010 allows businesses to achieve affordable cost per terabyte network storage with excellent throughput speeds via native 10GbE connectivity.

Businesses will achieve increased return-on-investment on existing server infrastructure by migrating older less-frequently accessed data to the TeraStation creating valuable space on the server for more important tasks. These devices are VMware Ready for iSCSI server expansion.
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Integrated 3rd Party Cloud Backup

The TeraStation 5010 makes it simple with integrated support for leading cloud providers such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft OneDrive.

This provides a way to backup your mission-critical data to an offsite backup tool.  Offsite backup adds an extra layer of protection against data loss due to environmental disasters or equipment problems at your primary location.

Data Replication = Private Cloud

Many businesses/industries such as hospitals and legal firms have legal requirements preventing them from backing up data to public cloud services. Additionally businesses may want to create a private cloud for greater security or simply because the solution provides finite cost instead of recurring monthly public cloud backup fees.

TeraStation 5010 includes data replication capabilities allowing users to create a private cloud backup scenario when connected to another TeraStation. Businesses can enable bi-directional replication so data from each TeraStation is stored offsite.

10 GbE - It's not just for enterprise environments

All businesses are impacted by growing data requirements.  10GbE effectively positions businesses to meet the challenge by eliminating traditional 1GbE data transfer bottlenecks.  Other 10GbE networking advantages to consider:Consolidate network hardware devices reducing physical space required by legacy equipment
  • Increase energy efficiency and lower utility costs
  • Provide more scalability thanks to increased headroom for larger applications in the future and more bandwidth per user
  • Support larger applications while delivering more bandwidth per user

Buffalo's Data Recovery Service

This product qualifies for Buffalo's data recovery service for simple logical data issues.

To receive this service, the device must be registered within its original warranty terms. Visit manufacturer's site for details and to register product.

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Enhanced Login Security

TeraStation 5010 utilizes two-factor authentication (2FA) to add a key layer of login security to ensure that only authorized users can access the NAS. When enabled, users logging in to the TeraStation will also need to enter a verification code along with their username and password.

This extra layer of protection helps secure data on your NAS against hackers and ransomware. 2FA can significantly improve data security for your NAS, as it ensures that your login information cannot be easily compromised by threat actors, especially if you are logging in remotely.

(Download and install the latest firmware version to access this feature.)