AX3000 Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Range Extender / AiMesh Extender for seamless mesh Wi-Fi; works with nearly any Wi-Fi router

  • Wi-Fi 6 Standard - Supporting Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard, RP-AX58 offers better capacity, efficiency, and low latency Wi-Fi. With 160 MHz bandwidth on 5 GHz channels, RP-AX58 can double your surfing speed.
  • Extend Seamless AiMesh Wi-Fi System - RP-AX58 supports AiMesh, which enables you to enjoy a stable, seamless and secure wireless connection with AiMesh compatible devices anywhere in your home.
  • One or Multiple Wi-Fi Name, the Choice is Yours - Keep one Wi-Fi name (SSID) for the entire network to enjoy seamless roaming or give individual names to each Wi-Fi band for different usages.
  • Easy Setup with Mobile App - Setup RP-AX58 with ASUS Router app or ASUS Extender app with a few taps.
  • Works Perfectly with Nearly Any Wi-Fi Router -RP-AX58 is compatible with virtually all Wi-Fi routers, modems and cable routers on the market to expand coverage.

WiFi Dead Zone Eliminator

AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender

Extend Wi-Fi Across Your Home

Enjoy unrivaled wireless performance across your home with a RP-AX58 dual-band range extender, which extends wireless coverage of up to 2,200 sq. ft. Get Wi-Fi where you couldn’t before!

Powerful Wi-Fi 6 Performance

The RP-AX58 provides 160 MHz bandwidth* for dramatically faster wireless connections. With a total networking speed of up to 3,000 Mbps, the RP-AX58 is 2.5X** faster than a Wi-Fi 5 2x2 dual-band repeater. With up to 4X higher network capacity, it can handle more streaming, gaming, and smart home devices simultaneously. The more efficient transmission scheduling can also greatly extend the battery life of your IoT gadgets and reduce network congestion.***

* 160 MHz bandwidth may be unavailable in the 5 GHz band in some regions/countries, due to regulatory restrictions. And to benefit from Wi-Fi 6 router features, compatible Wi-Fi 6 devices are required.
** The data compares speed of 2x2 11ax on 5 GHz 160 MHz bandwidth with 1024QAM modulation to speed of 2x2 11ac on 5 GHz 80 MHz with 256QAM modulation.
*** It requires 802.11ax-compatible devices to enjoy the benefits brought by 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard.

Powerful 160 MHz Channel

With support for 160 MHz bandwidth*, the RP-AX58 delivers faster Wi-Fi speeds and greater network performance for your smart home. The increased throughput and better efficiency lets you enjoy smoother streaming and gaming experiences with low latency.

* 160 MHz bandwidth may be unavailable in the 5 GHz band in some regions/countries, due to regulatory restrictions. And to benefit from Wi-Fi 6 router features, compatible Wi-Fi 6 devices are required.

Whole-home AiMesh Wi-Fi System

ASUS AiMesh technology lets you easily use the RP-AX58 with another AiMesh-compatible router to expand the coverage of your Wi-Fi network. You can also apply complete features of those connected ASUS routers to the overall mesh network.

Works with Nearly Any Wi-Fi Router

In addition to ASUS AiMesh-compatible devices, the RP-AX58 can work with a wide variety of other Wi-Fi routers, modems and gateways. Connect the RP-AX58 to your current router to enjoy an expanded Wi-Fi network!
Connect with AiMesh-Compatible Router Connect with Non-ASUS/Non-AiMesh Router
ASUS AiMesh-Compatible Router Non-ASUS/Non-AiMesh Router
Extend ASUS Router Features tick icon
Support AP mode tick icon tick icon
Setup App ASUS Router App ASUS Extender App

Easy and Quick Setup

When Connect to AiMesh Router

Set up your AiMesh wireless network in just three steps with the easy-to-use ASUS Router mobile app*.

* AiMesh-compatible device is required.

When Connect to Non-ASUS/Non-AiMesh Router

In just a few taps, the ASUS Extender mobile app lets you sync and set up the RP-AX58 with your other routers. You can also use the WPS button for one-touch instant connections.*

* The WPS button setup and ASUS Extender app setup are not available when RP-AX58 is in AiMesh mode.

Flexible Backhaul Connection

When RP-AX58 works as an AiMesh node or in Access Point (AP) mode, you can simply connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable. This backhaul reserves the entire 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band to your wireless devices to create more stable and reliable connections.

RP-AX58 using an Ethernet cable to connect to a local network.
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