From: New York , NY

Best zoom lens for nex cameras

June 05, 2013
The only lens you need for nex 7 to make excellent still and video camera This lens takes sharp and contrast pictures as well as professionally looking video due to image stabilization and smooth power zoom (you will only need to buy an external microphone the build in captures too much wind and other noises) I also own nikon d 800 combined with nikon lens 28-300 and the pictures from nex 7 with 18-200 are sharper with better dynamic range and color. You get all that in very portable package that covers large range of photo opportunities in single twist of the ring. It's true you can get better sharpness color and dynamic range from zeiss 24/1.8 but you will miss a lot of photos where you simply cannot get close or you traveling and do not have enough time to find the best place to take the picture. The lens is to use primarily outside on sunny day. Indoor I would use my 50mm/ 1.8 due it's large aperture that allows for much lower Iso The biggest negative is the power zoom motor combined with large diameter of the lens becomes difficult to hold by the lens.... Read More  Hide
From: Miami, Florida

Great Lens

June 07, 2013
I got this lens included with my VG30 and I must say I really enjoy it. The focus and zoom rotate very smoothly. The only thing that bothers me is the bump at the bottom of the lens. It makes it alittle uncomfortable to handle, but overall a great lens.... Read More  Hide
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From: Florida

Excellent all around lens.

July 08, 2018
The is is by far my favorite Sony lens. It is a great all around since it covers r the full frame equivalent of a 27-300mm, and if you use clear image zoom you can extend the range to 600mm, meaning you can do everything form landscape, architecture, portraits to sports and wildlife. This is one of two Sony lens for the nex and Alpha line to have active image stabilization while recording video, the active image stabilization is way better that OSS, so much better that you can hand hold your camera at 200mm and still get smooth video. I use this lens all the time for video since it makes most of my shots look like a did them with a tripod, including handheld pans and tilts. If could only buy a lens it will be this one. It has its draw backs, is slow If you are using to in a low light scenario, but must of the newer cameras you can set your ISO to higher number without getting a lot of noise on you image, a small price to pay for the convenience, and a trade I am willing to make.... Read More  Hide