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From: Florida & West Virginia

Carry just one lens and do many things!

September 01, 2023
I enjoy a number of different types of photography and always struggle with which lens to bring or which ones to bring. This has proven to be a great answer to that dilemma. I never know what nature will present for me to capture. I can be ready for macro, portrait or mild telephoto and be confident in the sharpness and clarity!... Read More  Hide
From: Washington, DC

Great telephoto zoom for travel.

September 02, 2023
This is a lightweight telephoto zoom. When you zoom in, the lens retracts, making it easier to fit in a camera bag. Auto-focus is fast and the lens is sharp. I took this on a holiday trip to Portugal with my family, including grandchildren. I was happy with the lens and appreciated that it was light enough to carry. I have not tried a teleconverter with this lens. Macro is another feature for this lens.... Read More  Hide
From: Minnesota

Loving this lens. Highly recommmend!

November 03, 2023
I have been shooting since the 1970’s. Yup, I’m old(er). I shot with a competitor for years and used a 70-200 for the majority of my landscape work. I thought that lens was the best there was. Fast forward to my Sony experience, the last 5 years. When I saw this 70-200 with a macro setting I had to go for it. I am amazed at the clarity throughout the range. The macro setting is.a bonus. The lens is lighter and more compact than I expected. You will not be disappointed with the quality and versatility of this lens.... Read More  Hide

Sony Fantastic, the new & 70-200 F4.0 G II

November 11, 2023
This lens has been greatly improved over the original 70-200 G I. It's function , size and OOS are fantastic. The sharpness is incredible along with the focusing speed with tracking. Like I wrote before SONY FANTASTIC.
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