Brandon Bright
From: Utah

Phenomenal Performance and lighting quick focus!

September 06, 2019
I picked up this lens to replace a Nikon 600mm f/4 - which from the get go was an extreme headache and just didn't meet what I was looking for - even after sending in for repair (even tho it was brand new). The moment I took this 600 out of the box I was blown away by how light it was and how well balanced! After an evening of shooting with it I was extremely impressed. AF was lightning fast and always spot on, sharpness, detail and the ability to resolve the image was beyond my expectations! Phenomenal performance on both the A9 and A7riii. Cannot wait to attach it to the a7riv!... Read More  Hide
From: Michigan

Its sharp at 1200mm

September 16, 2019
I had a Canon 600mm for ten years and switched to Sony. I bought the Sony 400 f/2.8 and its a great lens but I always wanted just a little more and the Sony 600mm ive me that!!!
From: Manassas, VA

Fantastic Wildlife Lens

December 27, 2019
I've owned many telephoto lenses in the past. This Sony out-performs all others in every aspect! The weight alone is insane, and is easily manageable using handheld. I've used this lens with the A7r IV and A9, and performs beautifully! The image quality is outstanding with some of the best Bokeh I've seen in a telephoto lens.... Read More  Hide
From: St.Augustine

Ultra sharp lens

March 26, 2020
Extremely sharp lens, noticeably sharper than the 200-600
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