From: Long Island City

Perfect complement to Sony A7C

August 24, 2021
The newly released Sony SEL50F25G lens has a little high aperture but is optimized for portability. When the lens focuses on a smaller size, it often sacrifices the resolution and clarity of the output. However, this G lens did not compromise the quality of the picture. The clarity of the picture is near the level of the SEL55f18z lens. The most up-to-date autofocus helps my a7c to produce laser-sharp images. It also has an autofocus and manual focus switch that I can use for video. It is amazing how good output this small lens produces. The highlight of this lens is the size and the weight. It is only 5.8 oz and ultra-compact. It complements my sony alpha 7c perfectly and was what I looking for in a light full-frame camera. It produces beautiful bokeh and autofocus helps me to save a lot of shots I take. It is good for any scenery or street snap or taking your loved ones. One downside is it has a little higher minimum aperture which would not be too great for the night shot. I am providing my honest opinion on the product I purchased at a discounted price.... Read More  Hide
From: Santa Clara

Amazing lens with great ease of use

August 25, 2021
While Sony has always been a leader in building some of the greatest camera lenses, this product is amazing and reassures my trust in the brand. The lens is really compact considering it's capabilities. This also makes it very easy to carry anymore, especially if you want to carry multiple ones for your photography needs. It is great for taking shots anymore and in any condition. The pictures that are taken, come out to be very sharp, smooth and clear. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market looking for a new lens with similar specs. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange of my honest review.... Read More  Hide
From: Lynchburg

Quality Lens

August 31, 2021
I have a thing for Sony lens and adding SEL50F25G Sony FE 50mm F2.5 G Full-frame ultra-compact G Lens to my collection was a natural way for me to get more quality images and video. I've been using this interchangeable lens kit with my Sony VG900 and man I am happy I bought it. First of all, the build quality is something you can expect from Sony. Next, if you have the right conditions and Sony camera, your images will shine and with this lens you can create some masterpieces. Your night shots will also depend on the right conditions, otherwise you may see some noise. I like how easy it is to change your lens and get to shooting. I'd say keep your caps and store it in your special lens bag, avoid hot or super cold temps (speaking from the experience) when storing it. Thanks Sony for making quality stuff for photo enthusiasts. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.... Read More  Hide
From: New Hyde Park

Great shots

September 06, 2021
I've always appreciated Sony products because of their cutting edge technology. That's why I own a Sony body kit - and this lens is a perfect compliment to my photography collection. I do some night shooting and this lens works great with to produce images in low-light conditions. The lens itself is very portable and easy to carry for far away photo shoots. It is my new goto lens for sharp, crisp photos. Disclaimer that I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion... Read More  Hide
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