From: Bethlehem, PA

Very Fine lens

May 03, 2014
The Zeiss brand is worth it. Using it on an alpha7R -- a great combination. Little if any post processing sharpening is needed.
From: Indianapolis, IN


March 09, 2014
This is one of the best lenses I've ever had! It shoots clear and crisp footage as well as great photos.
From: 94087

Great focal length for landscape, and very sharp

September 27, 2014
Really, you cannot go wrong. Small and light really complements the A7R camera. This is my "hiking/landscape" lens, when I want to carry the least amount of weight. Fast enough for good depth of field shots. As mentioned in the title. very sharp.
From: Los Angeles

Great image quality in a small package

December 15, 2013
I am using the lens with my a7r. It provides very high image quality even wide open at f2.8, with optimum sharpness around f4 to f/5.6. The lens does the 36mp camera justice unlike many lenses I tried on a 36mp DSLR (another maker) I used to have. My criteria is finely detailed landscapes being reviewed at 100% pixel-peeping on my 25" monitor. The lens is excellent not just in sharpness but in overall tonal rendition (color and contrast). The bokeh is usually good, esp. at f/2.8. The lens provides a very pleasing overall effect - sharp but smooth and natural looking. Being able to get this level of image quality in such a small lens is astounding to me. The build quality seems very good to me - metal plus high quality plastics (not all plastics are created equal). Not only does the lens work well with autofocus but it is a pleasure to manually focus it as well. I can get exact focus very easily and consistently (which I cannot say of the experience I've had with even the best lenses, AF or manual only, on DSLRs).... Read More  Hide
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