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From: New Hampshire, USA

As an avid hiker, this is a wonderful lens.

June 19, 2022
As an avid hiker in the northeast part of the United States (NH and ME), I consider this an ideal lens. With the twist of the aperture ring I can either capture what I see in front of me on the trail, or isolate something that has caught my eye, both of which will have incredible sharpness, wonderful bokeh, or both. Additionally, the inherent sharpness of this lens allows me, via cropping, to capture details of distant peaks. I could not n=be happier with this lens.... Read More  Hide
Rory Cambra
From: San Diego, CA

Sony FE 35 mm F 1.4

August 07, 2023
My go-to lens. I love this. The distance is not too close or too far. Perfect for events and everyday use.
From: Charlotte

Outstanding lens!

March 27, 2024
The 35mm gm is one of my favorite lens. The performance is amazing and on point for what I like to do.
From: SF Bay Area

Truly excellent all purpose lens

March 27, 2024
I am exceedingly picky about 35mm fast primes. I have generally had to sacrifice weight in order to have great optical performance, and I have seldom been impressed with autofocus speed. The 35GM changed all of that! The GM is a stellar lens from its nice minimum focus distance out to infinity, and everything in between. It is rare to find a lens this incredibly sharp that also has such a lovely bokeh. To top it off, the autofocus is essentially faster than you can think about what you would like to focus on, and all of those features land in a modest weight body, and you get one incredible lens. An added bonus for this lens is that its rendering matches that of the 50/1.2GM and the 135GM. I can use all of them in the same shoot and have the same look to the images. Home run, Sony!... Read More  Hide
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