From: Venezuela

November 19, 2011
No noise when focusing, completely silent. Front doesn’t extend when focusing as in the Sony 100mm macro, it keeps its original length. This makes it easy to "fit or use" in underwater housings. The image I uploaded shows the results when used in landscape photography.... Read More  Hide
From: Miami, FL

The next level

September 12, 2013
I always wanted a macro lens and had tried out reverse rings in the past. The experience with this lens blows them away and is totally worth it... Does well as a prime portrait too. I use this with the NEX 3n
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From: Wisconsin

Makes my NEX even better

November 05, 2011
All I have to say it amazing. I love this lens. I'm not a pro photographer by any stretch. I don't know much about f stops and all that jazz but I do know that this lens and my NEX-3 were born for each other. I bought the nex because I wanted to take my photography to the next level it does that better than expected. Then add this lens and we have amazingness. The lens produces crisp photos that are stunning. I love macro photography, and it works great with flowers and nature. The lens itself not only looks great but feels great. The metal used is a little more shiny, and lighter than the 18-55 mm lens that I bought with the camera. it also has more of a, light and almost hollow feeling . Over all if you like simple macro photography and own a NEX camera, then this lens needs to be in your colection.... Read More  Hide
From: Danbury, CT

Great Camera for Aspiring Photographers

December 14, 2013
I purchased the Alpha A3000 on a whim, after having looked at it for some time and imagining the possibilities. I've been hoping to find an inexpensive camera to do some long-exposure photography, and this baby has impressed me immensely. It may not be a high-end Nikon or Canon, but the quality of the photos is very impressive and I think the final product will rival most professionals. With that in mind, this is NOT a professional camera. You may be able to attach it to some very, very nice lenses, but it is still a high-quality entry level unit. The features are kept to a minimum but it has some interesting creative options, stuff that you can do better with the right software on your PC. For me though, it's all I could want in a camera for now.... Read More  Hide
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