From: San Francisco

Great Lens

June 29, 2023
Sharp, relatively light, perfect for most situations when traveling.
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From: NorCal

Surprisingly Good

December 29, 2020
I bought this as a kit with my A7C. As the title says, it is surprisingly good. While it has its obvious limitations, it is a lens that I would use for daytime street shooting. Haven't had a chance to test nighttime use yet. It's pretty sharp throughout the range and has good color rendition.... Read More  Hide
From: Bremerton, WA

A nice, compact street photography lens

August 15, 2023
This lens has a pretty limited focal length range and is not particularly fast, but it size and range do make it a good option for street photography, especially on a A7C. The combination makes for a relatively small, unobtrusive package that allows great results.... Read More  Hide
From: USA

Do not waste your money!

May 03, 2024
I bought this as a kit-lens combo with my Sony Alpha 7c. The lens as pictured in all the Sony pages is in a CLOSED mode. To use it you need to turn the ring to open the lens. Once open, the lens extends and does a funky Out-In-Out motion as you move across the zoom range. The aperture varies from F4-F5.6, and is terrible in lower light.... Read More  Hide