From: 95618

Truly Excellent Lens

June 07, 2015
I have used this lens starting in December 2014. It is very sharp and the colors are very pleasing. The 16 mm setting allowed to take really nice photos at Machu Picchu and the lakes in the California Sierras. The photos are crisp from foreground to background. The entire range of focal lengths produce excellent photos. It works well with the Sony A7R.... Read More  Hide


April 16, 2015
I have used this lens for landscape and closeup photos. Closeup very narrow/shallow depth @f/4 and great bokeh is an added greatness. For landscape great clarity out far and in close manual focus out to 3/4 way very easy on the A7s with aperture selection f/4-22 for great depth clarity.... Read More  Hide
From: Brooklyn, NY

Just Released in the USA

November 21, 2014
Superb .... Just purchased this lens on 11/20/14 Took it for ride this morning. Shot some landscape in Raw (A7r) Very impressive resolution and color accuracy A must have for Landscape users Love the F4 at all zoom levels. Not too heavy either .

Excellent Lens

November 21, 2014
Great contrast and color, typical of a Zeiss lens. What amazes me is how sharp this lens is at corners, even in the extreme wide angle end (16mm). The distortion is superbly well controlled too. The sharpness in the corner indicates that the lens is inherently free of severe distortions, because the interpolation performed to correct the distortion often loses resolution in doing so. Goes to show how much quality optic this lens really is! Highly recommended.... Read More  Hide
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