NRE 12

Absolutely the best 135mm fast len I've ever used.

August 29, 2019
This lens is totally fabulous particularly, for low light work. I tried it out at a stage performance this past summer and immediately returned it to the rental shop with money in hand. I've shot at least 10 low light stage performances sine then and have not regretted paying top dollar for this glass.... Read More  Hide
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From: Seattle,WA

Beautiful lens

September 23, 2019
This lens is sharp and has an amazing focus system. Great bokeh for portraits and prefer it over an 85mm. So far this is my first GM and it is well worth the money.
From: Houston, TX

Next Level Lens

November 17, 2019
I waited and waited to purchase this monster lens and the long wait is over. When I say monster, I mean it is huge! It is a great workout for your forearms as it is very heavy. The IQ this lens delivers is next level. You will not be disappointed, even if you are an image snob. It focuses lightning fast. Performs well in low light conditions. The bokeh melts like butter. Even at $1900 this lens is a bargain. After reading my word salad, go to your nearest online or B&M retailer and do not waste another moment. P.S. Do not purchase the Intl' version. It may be $150 cheaper but it does not come with the manufacturer's warranty and the mount is made of plastic.... Read More  Hide
From: Houston, Texas

The “Sharpest” lens I own!

March 29, 2020
I am new to the Sony photography ecosystem. The FE 135mm f1.8 GM is the first of two Sony lenses I purchased. This by far is the “Sharpest” lens I’ve used in a very long time! The colors it produces are stellar! I am amazed at how I can hand hold my camera with this lens at shutter speeds as low as 1/10. The sharpness is there! I would recommend this lens to every photographer!... Read More  Hide
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