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Yatin Chachad
From: Lakeland, FL

World's Greatest Portrait Lens

April 11, 2018
This lens has a unique combination of extreme sharpness and good, usable depth of field at the focal plane distance, yet produces extreme blur and dreamy bokeh as the distance between the subject and background increases, giving rise to a 3-D micro-contrast effect that no other lens will provide... Read More  Hide
From: Pflugerville, TX

Fantastic lens

June 15, 2020
I've had this lens for about 1.5 years... It is my go-to portrait lens, for gorgeous bokeh and sharp images. I will say that there is a learning curve, but once you get through that, it really shines!!
From: Texas

One of a Kind!

May 03, 2021
It's easy to overlook any modern prime that only starts off with a minimum light capability of f/5.6 or T5.6. That's where too many make a big mistake. You can always add light but you cannot add the STF with an apodization filter like only this lens provides. The images straight out of camera have some of the best colors and contrast I have ever seen in a lens. It is a very sharp lens that separates the background so smoothly. It is a specialty lens that most might feel is made for portraits, but they would be wrong. Although not an exclusive "close-up" macro lens, it can be used for macro work and give those images something that the other macro lenses could never achieve. For me this lens is one of the most under appreciated tools available. Like any specialty lens, it takes some time learning all the nuances and capabilities.... Read More  Hide