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From A Canon 7D To This Sony A7ii

June 03, 2015
Excellent Piece of hardware,got alot of question from pro photograher about the size and quality,im really satisfied with it,waiting for new lenses
From: Florida, USA


May 07, 2015
After the death of film, I waited a while to re-outfit to digital, did quite a bit of shopping. The Sony reps at Best Buy are knowledgeable and helpful, they offer great prices, but BUY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY, I don't usually get it for electronics, and I take good care of my camera, but if you're in the field, things happen, and cameras will develop problems. In the distant past I used Minolta, Canon and Topcon, S Have some great lenses I can still use. The Sony a7 II has all that I was looking for and then some. I also had to go with the 70-200 (wow) I use it professionally, and I still have lot's to learn with the new system, but for me it was the right choice. No regrets.... Read More  Hide
From: Melbourne, FL 32940, USA

Best combination of features!

December 16, 2014
After another camera company failed to honor a warranty, I moved to Sony about a year and a half ago. First with an NEX-6 and A6000, then a new A77ii. There are unique qualities on all three I like. The build of the NEX-6, speed of the A6000, and ability to add a battery grip to the A77ii. THEN, along comes this A7ii! It embodies all of those features of the other three that I love (and more!), and gives me full frame files. Rarely does a piece of kit like this come along. While I'll not likely let go of my other Sonys, this one could replace all three! Great jpgs, right out of the camera, wonderful build quality, and compatibility with so much of my existing lenses and accessories. Well done Sony!... Read More  Hide
From: Albany, NY 12211, USA

July 03, 2015
Have been using camera for a while works excellent only issue is battery I wish Sony made a grip which uses a77 battery. So it last longer and can power 200mm lenses in auto focus mode. Sony excellent company keep Making good products Thank You
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