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Maverick 198
From: Dallas

Light weight, excellent image quality

May 26, 2021
I bought this today and I am so happy with it and I recommend everyone to buy sony mirrorless camera.
Global Nomad
From: Vallejo, California


April 17, 2020
Ever since I've owned and used this camera, and during this Covid-19 period I am shooting about every day, I have sensor issues. Not only do I get specs on my images but I also get dark thick lines that appear on images. They are not consistent. In other words they do not appear on every image. I've cleaned the sensor (every time I finish a shoot and view my images) as well as the kit lens that came with the camera. I've cleaned this camera so much, that I have run out of cleaning swabs and have had to order more. I'm going to take this issue to the distributor where I purchased this camera. I have owned a Sony full frame camera in the past, but this camera has a problem.... Read More  Hide