From: New York

Love Love Love

March 28, 2022
Almost 2 weeks in and I’m loving all the features of this Camera and the crisp photos and videos it takes. It also has great build quality because it is fully weather sealed
From: St.louis, MO

My Review for α7 IV full-frame hybrid camera

October 07, 2023
This product is very beautiful i'm really excited to try it and all the feature that come with it.
Most Helpful
From: Silver Spring MF

Beware of Overheating Issues.

February 23, 2022
I want to love it but, while setting it up along with a YouTube video last night it overheated in an hour and turned off. Had to extend the overheating threshold. This was without videoing or taking multiple pictures. Just set up, I want to love it but this frightens me. Hopefully this can be fixed with an update SOON!... Read More  Hide