January 03, 2023
It's a great product for starting my social media hobby. Compared it versus a7iii and this iv is so much better.
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Hollywood Nyl
From: Birmingham

Please fix the overheating issue

July 21, 2022
I bought this camera and I'm actually really glad that I bought it. The only thing is on my first time use on a video project the camera overheated and I was unable to use it. Took me two days to figure out exactly how to not get it to overheat as much as it did. Sony, I respect you as a company but please do not release a product that you know that overheats. Resolve those issues on the front end so the customers are happy. Outside of the overheating issue, it's an awesome camera I'm glad that I made the investment but I wish I had not almost been embarrassed due to my camera continually overheating and shutting off during a video shoot. I am glad I had my a6300 as a backup. If you're doing photography and short term videography it is a great camera. For demanding video work, make the adjustments in the settings menu so that the camera does not overheat as much. I have faith that Sony will be working on a firmware update or something to resolve the overheating issue. I would hate work for a company that would release a product knowing it has issues and do not resolve it before release. No manager, CEO, Board Member or anyone would be happy making a purchase and then find out it has problems.... Read More  Hide
From: Florida


June 12, 2022
The Raw Image quality don’t work and keeps giving me a error message This operation or setting not available as follows and well as the Noise Reduction. So now I have to send the camera back and wait for a new and hope it Dont give me the same issues. The camera does take nice photos so far but this is annoying only had the camera for a week. And customers service was rude tech support was no support.... Read More  Hide
From: Burlington NJ

Camera Inoperable after 3 Days

March 14, 2023
I purchased the camera on March 11, 2023 on March 13th, I attempted to update to firmware from version 1.11 to 2.0. Followed all the instructions from the Sony support page regarding the update. Reformatted a Sony SD card copied firmware update to card placed the card into slot #1 of camera having a fully charged battery began to execute updated and the camera has since been inoperable. All it will do now is the access lamp will blink 5 long blinks followed by 6 short blinks which means update failed. Problem is the camera is now inoperable. I contacted Sony support and they walked me through another attempt to update but same result. The agent told me to let it blink for 10 to 15 minutes and it should perform the update. He provided me a case number in case it didn’t update. Well it didn’t update camera is still inoperable. Very disappointed and frustrated I owned Sony cameras for several years now and up to this point have been very satisfied. I can’t recommend the camera at this point. Never experienced any problems updating firmware previously and I have previously owned the a7ii, a7iii, and a7riii, a7riv.... Read More  Hide