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From: Long Beach, CA

Great Grip Accessory

February 08, 2014
PROS Enjoy using this grip. Allows me to hold my HDR-CX760V up high, and tilt the camera down for over-the-head shots. With the camera having the larger battery, I can tilt the camera back and the two will sit in the tripod position. CONS In the grip position, camera & grip fully tracked back, there's very little room for your finger tip to get in and access the controls and need to use the side of your thumbs for depression (I have small > med hands) Record Button NEEDS A FLIP COVER or LOCK LEVER, for protection against accidental deactivation... Being its a hand grip accessory, your eyes are on the shoot, and when moving your fingers for the zoom, just the slightest hit on the Record button and... The next thing you know, your back to STANDBY. / This is also a problem for when using the T&W button with the sides of your thumb, you get to close to the Record button as well. Short Neck from the pivot point to the base mount. / The neck section (as I'll refer to) could stand to be a little taller, perhaps even two inches. This would allow better/more comfortable two handed control (ie panning, etc.). It would also solve the cramp-ness I mentioned above. WISHES Would like to see larger buttons/pads at each end of the T&W zoom lever, as the small riser in the middle leaves little room for comfortable finger control. A built-in multi-bubble level would be cool. Perhaps a larger control panel area where the buttons are, providing more essential feature controls within the camera. (ie. User Programmable buttons? ie. Button1 = Camera Lamp On/Off - Button2 = Fast Review of last video taken) and so on. [If the grip had these features, I would pay another 50-60 dollars)... Read More  Hide