From: Palm Desert, CA.

Fantastic Shots from a small unit.

July 27, 2019
Have used it several times, itz easy to learn the different abilities & takes stunning picX. ALL OG KUSH users should look into this for great picX.
Nikon to Sony
From: Nashville, TN

Seems really well built

August 19, 2019
Just opened the box, and my first observation is it is so little. Pocket sized of course, but coming from an a7III, it is small. This will be my sneaky camera when I want to be unobtrusive. The menus are virtually the same as the a6500 and the a7III, so it was easy to set up. The first one or two shots were equal to the a7III, but I expect that there will be things the a7 will do that this will not do. So far, charging the battery and then taking it out for some real world tests. Fingers crossed.... Read More  Hide
Highwater Media
From: Annapolis, MD

Had it only two days and shot 7 GB of video

August 23, 2019
I pre-ordered the Mark V and received on the 22nd. I did an interview for a customer and got some outdoor video of the area. I did it all in 4K and the results were excellent. I did have to search for the video as it wasn't in the DSC folder. Which did give me a mini-heart attack at first. The rapid focus and facial focus were perfect. As during the interview he picked up items to show and the focus stayed on his face, even when he was off center. The effect was amazing and I hadn't even read the manual yet. Bravo to Sony!... Read More  Hide
From: Southwest Ohio

The Best Travel Camera

September 21, 2019
I bought this camera several weeks ago and used it during my recent trip to Europe: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar. This was a upgrade from the RX100 M2 (which has been my go to travel camera for many years). The VII performed superbly both for still photos (love the new auto focus capabilities) and video. Only downside is the battery life is worse than M2, but of course with the continuous auto focus, etc. I'm not surprised. What makes this a truly great travel camera is the 24-200 mm zoom. Yes you do pay a penalty in minimum aperture vs my old M2 but with stabilization and excellent high ISO quality I can live with that to get 200 mm on the far end of the zoom.... Read More  Hide
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