From: New york

Not bad

April 17, 2018
The image quality is great. Focusing is rather a pain. Unlike other bodies, this one does not allow you to easily manually search for a focus point. I should have done more research about the eye auto focus on this body, as it is only available in S-Focus mode. But I will say I was very happy with the image quality. I gave it 3 stars because I was having issues with it not finding focus quickly on my 50mm, and I really don't enjoy the pains of selecting a focus point.... Read More  Hide
From: Seattle, WA

Takes blurry pics

June 04, 2020
I bought this camera few months back, but not satisfied with output. It takes Okies pics but not very sharp. If you zoom in the picture taken with this camera, it a bit blurry, I have canon T3i which is about 8 years old, and picture taken with t3i has no blurriness.... Read More  Hide
From: Buffalo ny

Shutter button failure

October 30, 2020
At the 2 year mark, my a9’s shutter button does not work correctly. It a defect in the model as I have seen many complaints about it online. For Sony not to address this problem is a problem in itself. I’ve been a professional commercial photographer for 38 years and have never had a shutter button malfunction. They should repair it free of charge. I own 5 Sony Mirrorless cameras.... Read More  Hide
From: Shelter Island Heights, NY 11965, USA

Returned it

May 22, 2015
Camera was giving continuous error message on powering up Flimsy plastic cover for charging dock will break over time
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