From: Ft Worth TX

Sharpest Lens There Is:

February 09, 2019
Bought this for my A6000, and let me tell ya, it's almost too sharp. I know what everyone is thinking, can't take good pics with a A6000, but I'm telling you, is is fantastic. Now the bad part, no image stabilization, but you learn to adjust.
Cadeyrn Drust
From: Appalachia, USA

The 24-70mmG Master is a Classic!

March 05, 2019
After purchasing the A7 RIII on September 30 and shooting with 5 other native lenses (16-35mm/2.8 G Master, 24-105mm/4 G, 55mm/ 1.8, 35mm/1.4, and the 35mm/2.8 on both the A7 RIII and A7 RII, I made the decision to purchase the 24-70 G Master 2 weeks ago. On my first outing with the lens, I noticed how effortless it was to meter my compositions using my A7 RIII. The color was yet not oversaturated and natural...The sharpness was superb throughout all focal lengths...absolutely no vignetting...Although needless to say, but to report anyway, all the G Masters are built solidly and the weather sealing is immaculate ( and I'm speaking from prior experience of owning the 15-35mm/ 2.8 G Master)...There are no cutting corners or compromises in the build quality of any of these lenses...The Sony 24-70 G Master lens was not a work in progress...Sony pegged it with this one and no doubt it ranks among the absolute best, if not, the very best of all the 24-70mm Full Frame Lenses... Well worth the investment...Endorsed.... Read More  Hide
From: California

Smooth, sharp, sexy.

July 29, 2019
The FE 24-70 F2.8 GM, with the unmistakeable, polished red square on the side. The focus? Tack sharp, see below. You can see the peach fuzz on the face of your subject. The manual focusing ring glides with your intentional touch, but stays in place for the natural movements of your breathing. The pearl finish on the body of the lens is low-profile and pairs with the Alpha line like steak and red wine--it's sexy, it's refined, it's Alpha. The 24-70 GM is for those who do not sacrifice quality while being unable to decide between having a wide-angle or a telephoto lens--it is the lens you take when you don't know what you'll need. The 24-70 mm is for those who want to thrive in chaos.... Read More  Hide
From: Atlanta Ga

Fantastic quality, very sharp

October 25, 2019
I replaced an older lens. The Sony is much better.
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