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No Longer own it

June 25, 2015
Loved the camera Body But extremely disappointed in the lack of good quality lenses.

Fantastic image quality but apps not available!!!

December 01, 2016
I bought it after extensive research. It is great and i am very happy with it. But i cannot give it top marks because camera apps are NOT available for purchase in my country (Greece) which was a BIG disappointment ... WHY Sony? I need specific features of some of those camera apps and i am not allowed to buy them! Why?... Read More  Hide
From: California, United States


December 24, 2016
Does not have Korean language option so, Use not yet
From: Florida, United States

Worth converting from Nikon

August 16, 2017
At first was hesitant to do it, and I finally did. Love the camera the images are so crispy it is beautiful.
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