From: Indianapolis, Indiana

It says NO lens included "but it was" a 28x70mm le

April 03, 2020
I received my Sony a7 11 with a 28x70mm lens with it "but it says it was bought without a lens" when doing the warranty, but it was a 28x70mm lens with it."
Sally Wong
From: New Jersey


July 12, 2020
Happiness is being able to travel with my new Sony. Lightweight for a woman.
From: Houston tx

excellent camera

June 22, 2022
excellent camera to own to get into digital photography and video
From: New York, NY, USA

From a Canon shooter

January 31, 2015
Coming from Canon DSLR world, I'll go straight to the points. Below are my likes and dislikes over Canon DSLR: Likes: * 5-axis in-body image stabilization * Compact, light weight & solid * Low ISO options * Digital level gauge * Charge battery from camera * Peaking * WIFI/NFC Dislikes: * No silent shutter option(my biggest disappointment, I understand the technical difficulties behind but as a long time engineer, I know there must be a way). * Short battery life * Doesn't comes with battery charger * Sticky rubber eyecup attracts lints * Awkward movie button * Hard to reach front/back dials * No picture rating option I hope Sony really listens and improves the A7 lineup in next release.... Read More  Hide
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