Janice T
From: Smyrna, GA, United States

Love this camera!!!

November 06, 2017
I love the Sony a7II Camera. It's all that I expected it to be! So many great features like Automatic and Manual shooting modes. This camera with the right lens will have me shooting like a pro in no time!!!

Low light excenlent

August 03, 2018
happy for wedding shoot and excelent for wedding shoot

Great feel

September 08, 2018
Best camera i had every bought. I love this camera so much.
Mark Beltran
From: Orange County, California

Everything I need in a camera

October 29, 2019
I purchased the a7II for the purpose of being able to use vintage lenses from Konica, Minolta, Leica, Pentax, Olympus, Industar, Pentax, Zeiss, Fed, Contax, Kiev, Yashica, Nikon, Canon and a host of others. The Sony a7II has the widest range of after-market adapters for the above brands I mentioned, and possibly more. This camera can take rangefinder lenses, as well as SLR lenses, which is a huge advantage to any professional photographer. I love the way it feels in my hands. The shutter click sounds amazing. And the smaller than average size (it's mirrorless) is perfect. The menu layout is very logical and easy to figure out. The display automatically changes from viewfinder to LCD screen, and you can turn that off if you want. Add one more plus: It's a full-frame sensor!... Read More  Hide
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