From: Olive branch

Best 2023 83” oled tv

January 20, 2024
I bought this tv a week before Christmas while it was on sale and I haven’t looked back. This is a beautiful tv and with its upscaling it’s above the others.
From: Iowa City, Iowa

Bravia A83L

February 21, 2024
This TV has fantastic picture quality. I compared side by side with back lit LEDs and this just blows them away. The picture quality does come with a significant price increase above the back lit TVs however. I have read the TV can be washed out in rooms with lots of incoming sunlight. My room has a lot of light in the evenings during the summer months so I am curious to see how it is affected in the coming months. So far so good.... Read More  Hide
From: Wayne, n.j.

Vibrant video and awsome 4K Audio with Dolby Atmos

April 16, 2024
I have had the tv 9 months. It is the 4th Sony that I have purchased over the years. Over the last 20 years every one is still in service. This latest tv is a true work of electronic art.
From: Midland, TX

Incredible picture!

June 14, 2024
Really love this TV because it has an incredible picture especially when viewing 4K!! I am very happy with this purchase!
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