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From: Massachusetts

Excellent Signal Separation

May 03, 2022
It certainly is nice to buy a radio in these days of streaming that makes the human voice sound like it's in a tin can. This radio has strong signal separation and locks on to a frequency. The radio sounds strong and clear. Nice to be able to still acquire a radio in 2022 and listen to ballgames like I have been for years.... Read More  Hide
From: P. R.

Great. Sony never changes its quality!!!!!

May 10, 2022
I’m very happy qith my radio Sonic. Thanks Sony!!!!!
From: Utah

Easy to use and small

June 23, 2022
I bought it like a month ago and it has great sound and volume for being small, it’s simple and very easy to use and take with me on the go.
Tony boy
From: Lafayette LA


June 28, 2022
I listen to baseball games and the transmission is wonderful.
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