From: Altamonte Springs

It will break for no reason and fall off

January 23, 2022
I bought a brand new 24-70 2.8 gmaster, my first sony “professional” lens and it broke on me at work. Five months after buying it, and something like the third or fourth time I was using it for work, It broke leaving the metal barrel inside de camera and the lens body going to the floor. I managed to kind of catch it but it still hit the floor. I tried to assemble it to continue to work but two screws that holds the barrel were broken and I think also some flex, so the camera did not recognize it. I send it for warranty repair and they evaluated it and said it will not be covered because it had an impact and they will charge me something like a third of the lens value for the repair or a high value for a diagnostic fee. After explaining several times that the lens was defective and that it broke while I was using it causing the fall, they made me pay for repairs. Apparently the warranty is void if there is an impact, irregardless of the circumstances. I paid for the repairs, but its been over a month and it is still not ready. As soon as I get it back I will sell it and all my other sony gear because I can’t trust their equipment for my professional work.... Read More  Hide

terribly let down

November 02, 2022
I was so excited to get this lens but it intermittently tells me the lens is not attached correctly and won't focus. Everything is clean and new I don't understand. It works fine for hours, then out of the blue it wont focus and gets super dark. It's getting worse and now im afraid to even take it on a shoot. Super bummed.... Read More  Hide
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