Jim Halpert
From: San Diego CA

Good product, bad customer service

December 21, 2021
I love the autofocus speed (when not zooming) and flare resistance is good too (using on a9 body). It always loses focus while zooming though, which a big downside. Also, the plastic rails inside the lens broke without any significant impact which never happened with any of my GM lenses. Costumer service refused to send me a new hood (the lens is still under warranty) because it was considered physical damage. It was disappointing because I've been using Sony cameras professionally since 2012. If you consider buying a standard zoom lens, I would recommend Sigma 24-70 2.8 instead.... Read More  Hide
From: İstanbul, Turkey

Severe flare issues

November 10, 2017
I am using this lens with my A7rii. In the long exposure it has severe flares that ruins the shot. I have 16 -35 zeiss f4 ı had no flare in the same conditions. This lens is such a disappointment
Krist Kola
From: Bangkok Thailand


November 14, 2017
I bought this lens 3 weeks. After my second use, my camera couldn’t detect my lens. As I have tourist waranty, I have to send lens to fix. You should replace me the new one instead of fixing mine. It seem like I got a refubish lens at this new price. This is unacceptable error for lens at this price... Read More  Hide
From: Washington DC

F--- issue guarantee don't cover damage

July 21, 2020
Got a lens brand new and thought at first that I didn't knew how to manage or work with the lens and put it aside while working in another projects. When I got the chance to try the lens again F--- F stop issue. Out-focus problem, which with a little research I identified, my friend who advice me to buy this lens had the same problem, but out of guarantee. Now the repair service is saying that my initial issue is "Package damage" and the problem with my out-focus came from that, they can't tell me if my camera got there in pieces or with any damage besides the one that was the reason that I put my lens to repair. So it feels pretty unfair, and not something to trust in Sony guarantee.... Read More  Hide
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