From: Charlotte, NC

Good but limited Magnification

June 29, 2023
I wanted the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 lens for a rather specific purpose: to take pictures indoors without flash. Yes this lens takes good pictures indoors and maybe good for things like weddings when you are close to people. However, now I take many different type of pictures and I find the a 24-70mm lens may not be the best lens to have with it’s limits. Today’s cameras allow for high IOS, for more latitude in magnification, I have used a Sony 24-240mm and gotten a acceptable indoors. So I am sorry, but a 24-70mm lens may not be for me.... Read More  Hide
From: La Rochelle, France


July 11, 2018
Been using it for portraits for 6 months en the A7RIII thinking I would get sharp pictures as advertised. All of them are so soft even when using eye-AF. It's a big disappointment.
From: Phoenix

Rubber Band used for Zoom feature

September 18, 2019
Rubber band for Zoom feature is now loose. Not acceptable for a supposedly top Quality lens
From: Detroit, MI


March 10, 2020
I’ve had this lens’s for less than a year (approximately 8 months) and was extremely excited when I got this lens. Initially, it was working just fine with out of focus images here and there, I attributed it to user error. However after 8 months of this being my primary lens I am still experiencing blurring images when attempting to capture both moving and still subjects. Not sure if I bought a dud when I purchased this lens or if the motor in the lens is malfunction and shifts my focus when I press the shutter release. This occurs on continuous AF and single shot AF on my A7rIII.... Read More  Hide
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