From: Tokyo Japan

Oldie but a Goodie

February 14, 2023
This lens being one of the first G Master lenses on the market still holds up really well. Whenever someone asks "What lens is the best overall lens?" That's easy This one. 24-70 gives you great reach and decent width. Can't go wrong. Any issues I could say about it have been addressed in the new model 2.... Read More  Hide
From: Pittsburgh, PA

Best in class workhorse lens!

November 01, 2023
I recently purchased an FX3 camera and was going back and forth on which lens to buy as my first variable zoom. I knew that whichever one I bought would bear the bulk of my work in the near future. The competitor was half the price so it was tempting. I was saving and finally just decided that I would grab the Sony because it was designed to mate with the camera perfectly. The features are very well thought out and allow me to change things on the fly very quickly (and efficiently) without compromising the shot. Very happy with this lens. The picture quality is the best I’ve captured.... Read More  Hide
From: Miami, FL

Standard Zoom

November 07, 2023
Phenomenal piece of glass! Mostly a fast prime enthusiast, I did not expect lo like the 24-70mm GMII this much. Super Sharp and contrasty with flexibility for composition. Feels significantly smaller and lighter than version I.
From: FL

love this lens

December 19, 2023
pictures are clear. This is my go to for almost everything. A little heavy, but worth it.
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