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From: Toronto, ON

The Perfect Lens

November 09, 2018
This lens has all the characteristics that a serious photographer looks for in a 24 mm. Aperture f/1.4 with unbelievable sharpness. Low distortion. Great contrast and vivid colours. Awesome for still life in studio, landscape and even portrait. Light and well made. Aperture ring. Amazing for video... What else?... Read More  Hide
From: Montreal

Very sharp lens !!

July 05, 2019
I bought this lens 3 months ago with my A7III and this was my only lens for a while. I really love it and images are pin-sharp. Lightweight / great auto-focus capabilities and solid quality. Ideal for landscape / night and street photo. For portrait you need to be close to your subject to get the Eye AF to work but the bokeh is very good at f1.4 (Eye AF will tend to focus on the nose at f1.4 so check your image to be sure you are focusing where you want)... Read More  Hide
From: Bradford, ON

Flawless lens!

September 29, 2019
I knew I would enjoy this lens, but it's exceeded my expectations in every regard. Sharp, light, fast and may be one of the most versatile lenses. Takes beautiful portraits and landscapes alike.
From: Montreal, QC

Not a strong astro lens

October 21, 2019
Turns out the coma aberration is heavy...I bought this for shooting stars, i wish i hadnt invested in this lens. Coma aberration doesnt justify the price.