From: Brisbane Australia

Brilliant lens does everything I expected.

May 16, 2019
Still getting used to the lens in terms of composition at 24mm. But brilliant sharpness, bokeh with good colour and contrast. Sometimes knock the aperture ring, but now aware, it's not a problem, cant fault it.
Loic Reunion
From: Reunion Island

Outstanding for landscapes and astrophotography

May 20, 2019
I am an astrophotographer in Reunion Island, and own many f1.4 or f1.8 primes of other brands, from 14 to 50 mm range. The first time I made a photo with this lens (of course it was at night and at f1.4 ) I was simply shocked by the sharpness of the image, even in the corners. Pinpoint stars everywhere, even in the corners, moonlit landscapes perfectly rendered and tack sharp at f1.4. Just couldn't think this would be possible one day... Definitely a new standard for fast wide angle prime lenses and by far the best wide angle astro lens I own. Just hope now it will soon have fast G Master sisters like this in the 15-50 mm range for night photography and landscape photography in general !... Read More  Hide
From: Honolulu, HI

Best investment

August 08, 2019
G Master lenses are expensive but rightly so. This beast is sharp and extremely lightweight so travel and walk-arounds is less stressful.
From: New Jersey


September 29, 2019
I borrowed this lens once. On the basis of great reviews. I shoot rockn roll concerts very often and wanted to try it out. I was absolutely excited and convinced. What a quality. Sharp from corner to corner, and that wide open. Even the drummer who is further away is clearly visible. It was clear I had to buy it. I'm a fan of the G-master lenses and that's my first prime lens. The quality is brilliant!... Read More  Hide
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