From: Mass

Excellent resolution

November 03, 2018
Just received lens, well worth it. Took some pics, great resolution, very satisfied with lens.
From: Chelsea, MA

I waited a long time for this to come

November 03, 2018
After being a Sony camera user and switched from their A-mount to the E-Mount, I have been waiting for a 24mm or wider prime for so long, and this finally come! It's smaller and lighter than I thought it would be but it has the best optical performance I could imagine. I used to own the A-Mount Distagon 24mm F2.0 ZA SSM lens, that is a lovely lens but it's slower and less sharp on the corners. This new 24mm GM lens has met my expectation in every aspect. I would love to see Sony strive on to make more lenses like this.... Read More  Hide
Most Helpful
From: Los Angeles, CA.

IT'S A 100% YES

November 08, 2018
I bought this lens and i've been totally happy. i own about 10 lenses and this is one of the best. It's a 100% yes
From: NM

The best 24/1.4 you can buy from any system

November 15, 2018
It's not an exaggeration to say that Sony just made the best 24/1.4 out there. The most important points are that it's lighter than all modern 24/1.4 (including the Leica 24/1.4) and smaller than most (bigger than the Leica). Here is my own list of pros, so-so, and cons ***Pros*** + Lightest and smallest for its class so more enjoyable to use, more suitable for small Sony mirrorless bodies + Sharp corner-to-corner from WO, great stop down as well + Lowest sagittal coma in it class, great for wide-field astrophotgraphy. + Mild pincushion distortion (unusual for a wide) that is good for portrait + Very minimal focus breathing, not just great for video but also for focus stacking + True to the GM design philosophy: prioritize sharpness and bokeh with highest Sony construction quality (aperture ring, customizable on body button, de-click) + Great manual focus feel, quite comparable with the best manual focus lenses + Cheaper than Canikon and Leica 24/1.4 ***So-So*** + Above average flare resistance and when it happens, flare and ghost can be ugly + Above average chromatic aberration suppression: they're there, but not to the point of uncorrectable in post-process. + Fast focus speed: faster than the GM 85 and FE 50/1.4 but slower than say FE 55/1.8. I expected blazing fast like the FE 55/1.8 due to the new 3x torque AF motor. ***Cons*** + Baked in vignetting and lateral CA correction: I prefer to fix these my own, especially vignetting. I have been saving up to own a set of Leica Luxes for small size/weight, but this really quenched that need. Looking forward for more GM like this one.... Read More  Hide
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